How We Can Help Your Organisation

HR:Refined has a range of services to assist small and medium sized businesses looking to outsource some or all of their HR function or to provide any additional advice or skills your HR person or business owner may require.

  • Outsourced and Virtual HR

    If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional, in-house HR function, HR:Refined can supply senior experts in all aspects of HR including talent acquisition, remuneration planning, policy review, strategic support and developing a high-performance culture.

  • Bespoke
    HR Strategy

    Advice and guidance with results that show on the bottom line. This can be achieved through strategic planning and facilitating workshops, organisation design and structure, converting HR initiatives into action plans and culture roadmaps.

  • Talent Acquisition & Development

    A strategy is vital to employing the right candidates, uncovering talent gaps, people management, rewards and incentives, employee benefits and succession plans.

  • Leadership Development

    Not many people are born leaders, most need development and coaching to effectively engage employees, mentor individuals/teams and complete appraisals and feedback.

  • Performance Management and Employee Incentives

    When an organisation is successful with performance management, their operations and HR strategies fall into place and the cohesive team achieves objectives.

  • Workplace Culture and Talent Engagement

    Culture impacts on every facet of a workplace. If your organisation’s culture isn’t where you would like it to be, we can implement employee surveys, change programs, coaching, structure and support to turn it around.

How We Work

Every business is unique, so we don’t make any assumptions about your organisation’s needs. We start with a free scoping session to learn about your problems or goals before building a personalised HR roadmap to help you get where you want to be.

We believe in clear communication and superior customer service and ensure our work makes a difference to the organisation. You’ll receive the right custom solutions from a dedicated HR consultant who understands your business and works to your needs. You’ll enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we stay up to date with industry changes. We also work with external experts to get the best outcome. Our belief is there’s no substitute for preparation and double-checking when it comes to HR.

Flexible Options

Options to suit your organisation’s situation – whatever that may be.

  • Hourly Support

    Perfect for when your organisation needs ad hoc advice and assistance with any employee issues.

  • Monthly Packages

    Options designed to suit small or growing businesses. All levels provide compliance assurance, strategy and support.

  • Project-Based

    Whether you need assistance with a new onboarding process, planning for a second location or anything in between. We can scope out the right timeline, tolerances, inputs and delivery in a no-nonsense plan.

Meet Our
Founding Director

Catalina Johnson

Catalina is an experienced senior HR Practitioner who values excellent service and cares about how her work impacts WA businesses and those working in them.

“I founded this business for three very clear reasons:

  • to make my level of professional experience affordable to small & growing businesses
  • to become a desired employer for amazing service-focused HR Practitioners
  • to show my clients how to get real, sustainable financial gains for and with their teams.”

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